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Where are the officers?

Valkus19, Jan 30, 11 1:31 PM.
I want to go ahead and apologize for my absence (valkus) along with the other officers of BD.  Right now is kinda a tough time for all of us with school starting up, that with a combination of holding jobs we've found very little free time.  The good news is that we will not be gone forever!  I try to get on as much as possible and stir the pot by getting heroic groups and pvp groups together.  However I cannot be on all the time, so I encourage all of you go branch out, invite new members (everyone can invite) and keep Broken Drum active/growing.  Some people have left the guild for reasons such as inactivity from a lot of players and not being able to run guild heroics/rated bg's.  All of these good things are coming but we still need more members first!  Lastly I want to end on a good note :)  THANK YOU for all of you who have stuck with us and remained loyal to BD.  I cannot express how much that means to myself and all the officers.  I've had such a good time getting to know all of you and I wish there was a way I could immediately reward you.  However there will be a time when BD begins its raid groups and those members with more xp in the guild will get priority over raid spots.  Thanks again guys! 


Lets get rollin'

Valkus19, Dec 23, 10 3:08 AM.
Now that we have a good number of 85's in the guild its time to shift our focus from leveling to end game pwnage.  We'll be starting a bunch of guild heroic runs very soon so learn your fights and get your gear!  Another thing we are starting soon is rated bg's.  Contact Valkus if your interested in being on the team and we'll get it started asap.  While you wait, queue up for randoms and try to grab as much resil gear as possible.  Keep up the hard work guys

Now is the best time to join Broken DruM

Valkus19, Dec 18, 10 2:51 AM.
While we are focusing on finding dedicated members to fill Tanking and Healing spots we are always accepting new members despite class/role.  If your looking for an awesome guild to level up with/pvp with/raid with/ chill with your in the right place, head over to the Recruitment post in the forums to join our proud ranks!


Valkus19, Dec 17, 10 6:08 PM.
Hey everyone!  Hope the leveling is going smoothly and your all enjoying cataclysm.  Just a reminder that once you hit 85 try to raise your item level high enough to do heroics asap!  The faster we gear out from heroics the faster we can dive into raiding.
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